Power Core With Sarah R

At 12:10 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2021

This hour long workout, paired with a rocking playlist, fuses elements of Pilates, Barre, and Core Conditioning to give you an intense, low-impact workout focusing on core strength and stability. We'll find power on the mat that will translate to your posture, endurance, and stability off the mat! A great cross training class for dancers, runners, cyclists. And a great reset class for those of us working at a desk.

Suggested Equipment:
- 2/3 lb hand weights - could be replaced with two equally sized soup cans, wine bottles, full water bottles or nothing (you'll still feel the burn)
- a yoga block - could be replaced with a 9" pilates ball, a rolled up towel or small blanket or a small pillow
- a loop band - could be replaced by a normal theraband tied to form a loop, or nothing (you'll still feel the burn!)